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Kerk Murray is a romantic at heart, with a passion for celebrating life, love, and the beautiful connections between humans and animals. His soulful stories capture the essence of opening oneself up to the possibilities that love can bring, and the magic that can unfold when we do.

If you're a fan of sweet, clean and wholesome, swoon worthy romance stories that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, then his novels are a must-read.

Join him on his mission in creating a more compassionate world for all living beings, one heartwarming story at a time.

Follow Kerk on social media and sign up for his mailing list at to stay updated on his latest releases and sneak peeks into his upcoming works.

Receive a signed book

Supporters that donate $100 or more to The Lexi's Legacy Foundation, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization, receive a complimentary personalized book while also helping to end animal suffering!


The Lexi's Legacy Foundation is grateful for your tax-deductible contributions and is eager to thank donors for their generous support! Kerk Murray fans can support the The Lexi's Legacy Foundation by visiting their donation page.

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